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Part 5 in the JCNA Magazine Series - "A 12-Chambered Heart"

clock July 29, 2015 11:27 by author Neville |

Original XJ13 at Goodwood Festival of Speed - June 2015

clock June 28, 2015 10:04 by author Neville |
I was thrilled to hear a mention of my project as Jaguar's one-and-only original XJ13 lined up for a run up the hill yesterday ...

A few assorted images ...

clock May 31, 2015 11:13 by author Neville |
Getting there ... I go off next week to collect the car and take it to have its exhaust fabricated (pictures to follow). In the meantime, the following is an assortment of pictures taken at various stages during the car's build so far.

Gerry Beddoes of Jaguar

clock May 29, 2015 10:52 by author Neville |
I was privileged recently to be in a position to facilitate the reunion of Gerry Beddoes, one of Jaguar's prime architects of Jaguar's legendary quad-cam V12 engine with former ex-Jaguar colleagues Peter Wilson, Frank Philpott and Jim Eastick. For many years after Gerry's retirement, he "fell off th... [More]

"The Gathering"

clock March 5, 2015 18:07 by author Neville |
50 years (almost to the month) after similar events took place in Jaguar's Competition Department, work continues apace on my exact recreation of Jaguar's 1966 XJ13 Le Mans Prototype. GT40s ..... move over!"© 2015 Neville Swales On Tuesday, 3rd March 2015 I was privileged to be joined by member... [More]

Sand Casting XJ13 Bellhousings

clock February 9, 2015 14:46 by author Neville |
Spent a very enjoyable and informative morning watching the first of my XJ13 bellhousings being sand cast. Having decided to produce a limited run of "customer cars" built using the same tools, techniques and the same meticulous level of detail as the first car, I needed to have a batch of bellhousi... [More]

Then and Now ...

clock January 27, 2015 08:08 by author Neville |
The year is now 2015 and my car is approaching its "rolling chassis" stage - mirroring events of 50 years ago in Jaguar's Competition Department. It was then 1965 and William Heynes, Jaguar's Engineering Director still had hopes of seeing the car on track to contest that year's Le Mans endurance rac... [More]

Engine Startup - Full Video of the Event

clock December 1, 2014 17:38 by author Neville |
50 years ago, in 1964, Mr Jim Eastick started Jaguar's No.1 "XJ13" prototype quad-cam V12 engine for the first time in the presence of the late Mr William Heynes - Jaguar's legendary Engineering Director. 50 years later, on Thursday 30th October 2014, the same Jim Eastick started Jaguar's No.2 proto... [More]

XJ13 – A Phoenix Rises - Part 3

clock November 13, 2014 09:33 by author Neville |
#wrapper{ width:100%; float:left; height:auto; border:1px solid #5694CF;} Another in the series "XJ13 - A Phoenix Rises" as published in the JCNA (Jaguar Club of North America) Jaguar Journal. Founded in 1955, the Jaguar Journal (the World's Oldest Jaguar Magazine) is published bi-monthly by the Ja... [More]

I couldn't resist a second start of the engine ...

clock November 4, 2014 10:00 by author Neville |
Well - wouldn't you? A few pictures from last week's public startup - video to follow ...