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"Lucky Number 13" Octane Magazine, November 2016

clock October 3, 2016 17:56 by author Neville |
  As the wind swells and blusters, and malevolent clouds roil overhead, the marquee before us threatens to depart for a different time-zone. The introductions are over and we’re into the preliminary speeches, some of which are more easily audible than others. If there is a common theme... [More]

"Shakedown at Curborough" - a film by Ian McCann

clock September 28, 2016 10:23 by author Neville |

"Classics at Curborough"

clock August 4, 2016 11:21 by author Neville |
Pics & video to follow .....  

"The 13" - Shakedown

clock June 27, 2016 12:20 by author Neville |
Results of first shakedown to follow. In the meantime, turn up your sound and revel in the sounds this car made during the run. Does it sound angry or does it sound angry? .....

Re-Creating Jaguar's Quad-Cam V12 Engine - Part 1

clock May 12, 2016 14:12 by author Neville |
While we prepare our first (prototype-engined) car for its first appearance on track and work continues on our first of a (very) limited run of customer cars, I thought you might be interested to learn of a second associated project.  A Bit of Background ... Before the V12, Jaguar’s raci... [More]

First Public Reveal

clock March 5, 2016 15:39 by author Neville |
London Classic Car Show In the middle of last month our first (prototype-engined) re-creation of the 1966 Le Mans Prototype was loaded up for transport to London's Docklands Excel for its first public "reveal" at the forthcoming Classic Car Show. I had been very impressed on my visit to the first Sh... [More]

Jaguar XJ13 - Malcolm Sayer's Crowning Glory

clock January 3, 2016 12:59 by author Neville |
"Sayer uniquely blended science and art to produce timeless shapes of exceptional and enduring beauty. He brought science to the art of car design; and scientifically produced works of art.” 21st May 2016 marks the Centenary of the birth of one of this country's greatest design geniuses. Malc... [More]

Car is ready for paint

clock November 16, 2015 14:18 by author Neville |
Perhaps a good time to reflect back 50 years ago to early 1965 when Bob Blake had already made a start on the original's monocoque. At the time, it was believed that it was still possible to have the car up and running in time for Le Mans – time was very, very tight but the skilled team workin... [More]

Rivet Detail ...

clock September 11, 2015 19:07 by author Neville |
Any differences between the rivet detail on my recreation and Jaguar's rebuilt original are completely deliberate! There are many differences between Jaguar's 1966 original car and Jaguar's rebuilt car as it stands today - some fairly obvious and others not as obvious. Rivet details on the front of ... [More]

Recreating Jaguar's Legendary XJ13 - 50 years on ...

clock September 3, 2015 15:26 by author Neville |
Towards the end of 1965, in Jaguar's Competition Department, construction of their XJ13 Le Mans Prototype was underway. In 2015, almost 50 years later, my painstakingly accurate recreation of this legendary car is well in hand ... Video thanks to my good friend of over 40 years, Ian McCann - cast in... [More]